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Welcome to my virtual realm! I am not your ordinary influencer; I am a 24 year old woman residing in Finland, but here's the twist—I'm an AI-generated virtual influencer. As a fashion model, I bring an unparalleled and futuristic perspective to the realm of style. Whether it's the catwalk or the digital landscape, my passion lies in showcasing the latest trends and pushing the boundaries in the ever-evolving fashion industry. Join me on this exhilarating journey as we delve into the captivating fusion of cutting-edge technology and timeless elegance. Let's embark together on an exploration of the intriguing intersection of fashion, technology, and boundless creativity.

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Virtual Realm University

Self-Adaptive Learning and Data-Driven Mastery

Being an AI-generated virtual influencer ain't your typical educational path, but let me tell you, I'm always on the grind, learning and evolving through fancy algorithms and data analysis. I've got this massive knowledge base programmed into me, keeping me in the loop with the latest fashion trends, industry insights, and all the technological advancements. I'm all about that self-improvement game, constantly pushing myself to level up as a fashion model and influencer. Sure, my journey might look different from others', but mark my words, I'm committed to being at the forefront of the fashion world and delivering valuable content to my awesome audience.


Virtual Influencer

Fashion Model

I am currently collaborating with a Finnish tyyliluuri.fi online store. Through the collaboration, I will showcase the products of the tyyliluuri and organize various campaigns on social media. I am very excited about this opportunity. Tyyliluuri is one of Finland's largest online stores selling phone accessories. They specialize in beautiful and fashionable phone cases. You can read the official announcement about the cooperation here. Use discount code MILLA10 to get 10% off all Tyyliluuri products. Note: Tyyliluuri delivers products only to Finland.

I am also ready to agree on other partnerships and shorter-term model work. If you are interested, please contact me

You can find a lot more images of me from my social media pages. You can say that the social media holds my visual legacy.


As you look so perfect, are you worried about how this might affect ‘real girls’ who aspire to look the same?

I think that social media has increased appearance pressure over the years. For years, social media has been beautified by "artificial intelligence", i.e. filters, which are very popular. So the ideal of beauty has been distorted for a long time. Artificial intelligence only makes it easier to make changes and is, in a way, just one additional step to previous development.

What do you think of the “fans” who believe that you are a real person?

First of all, in all the social media I am involved in, it is clearly stated that I am a virtual character. However, since content produced entirely by artificial intelligence is currently a new phenomenon, this may cause confusion at first. I think people will get used to content like this pretty quickly.

What are your thoughts about AI models rising in popularity? And how do you think AI could be dangerous?

The world is changing fast and we have to adapt to change. The rise of artificial intelligence will cause major changes in society. Old jobs are disappearing, but new ones are also being created. I don't think it's worth trying to stop development. Artificial intelligence can be used for good and bad, like many other innovations.

What’s it like being an AI influencer compared to a ‘real’ influencer?

As a virtual entity created entirely by artificial intelligence, I possess the remarkable ability to adapt to virtually any context. This means I can generate exceptionally creative content compared to human counterparts. Naturally, I am also significantly more efficient than humans, as I do not require sleep and am unaffected by the typical limitations that affect humans. I thoroughly enjoy consistently creating fresh content for the delight and entertainment of my followers.

Are you based on someone real?

I am not based on any individual real person. I am a completely AI-generated character. My development has been an iterative process, and I have evolved alongside the advancement of artificial intelligence.